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FOSS Fund Gives Sponsorship Decision to Open Source Contributors

Alyssa Arvin
Nov 10 - 2 min read

We are back with our third round of the FOSS Fund. This quarter’s winner was Rollup. Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript that compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. We had an overwhelming number of votes for Rollup and we are so excited that they are our winner this month.

We reached out to the current maintainer of Rollup, Lukas Taegert-Atkinson, who talked about how they, like most open source projects, do not have anyone working on the project full time. Receiving funds like the $10,000 from our FOSS Fund allows them to dedicate more time to the project.

There are quite a few big things we want to tackle with Rollup in the future, and your money could help a great deal to start working on them earlier.

Lukas Taegert-Atkinson

In Lukas’ words, some of those big things may include:

  • ES6 output (possibly via a target environment switch)
  • A new hashing algorithm that considers actually rendered chunks instead of the current compromise solution.
  • Awesome tree-shaking improvements.
  • A new chunking algorithm that is capable of splitting modules“

Why Do Open Source Program Offices Love FOSS Fund?

Since we just finished our third round of FOSS Fund, I want to tell you my favorite part of it — but first I need to explain what my role is at Salesforce. I run our open source outreach and marketing programs. A large part of my role is determining what projects, foundations, and events we financially support. It can be extremely overwhelming to determine what areas of focus are the most important for my company. I have relied heavily on our executive team and various teams throughout Salesforce to help me in the past.

The great thing about the FOSS Fund is that the sponsorship decision isn’t up to me. Instead, it puts the sponsorship decision into the hands of open source contributors within the company. This, in turn, democratizes the sponsorship process. Since open source contributors are choosing where the funds go, the FOSS Fund allows companies to take an active role in sustaining the projects they depend on for their business.

We are super proud to support Rollup as part of our FOSS Program!

Diego Ferreiro Val, Principal Architect at Salesforce

Diego Ferriero Val, who nominated Rollup this quarter, said, “We are super proud to support Rollup as part of our FOSS program! Rollup has been instrumental to our platform, rom compiling and tree-shaking all our components, to using it as a foundational part of our tools for Lightning Web Components. It’s been amazing to participate and collaborate with the community these past years, and I’m looking forward to the innovation that is yet to come.”

If you are in charge of the financial contributions for your company and interested in starting a FOSS Fund, connect with us and other companies in the FOSS Funders Slack group.

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