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Einstein Analytics and Go

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Oct 08 - < 1 min read

Principal Architect Guillaume Le Stum, along with Senior Product Manager Antonio Scaramuzzino, recently collaborated with the content team at StackOverflow to write this piece about porting a portion of the Einstein Analytics backend from a Python-C hybrid to Go.

It’s rare that we get a chance to directly compare two technologies against each other for the same task. But sometimes the stars align, either because you start experiencing negative effects from your current stack, new technology appears that meets your exact needs, or the scale and feature set of your project outpaced the tech on hand.

Here at Salesforce, we had just this situation arise in the past few years. We ported most of our Einstein Analytics backend from a Python-C hybrid to Go. Go is a language that Google designed for large-scale, modern software engineering. The story goes that Google engineers had the idea to create a language designed for their large-scale applications and started designing Go while they were waiting for their massive C++ projects to compile.

Read the full post on StackOverflow!

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