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Celebrating our Technology and Products All-Stars!

Jackie Perrine
Jan 24 - 3 min read

When I hear “All-Star”, I think back to my childhood sports teams. You get nominated by your teammates, try out, and IF you make this “elite” team, you have the privilege of playing amongst the best of the best in your league.

The Technology and Products All-Stars Award isn’t much different… well, maybe except that we all like to believe we play with the best of the best. The T&P All-Stars Award taps into the power of peer nomination to surface leaders and unsung heroes at all levels of the org. This annual recognition program distinguishes our highest performing technologists based on 4 core values:

  • Trust: We’ve worked hard to build a foundation of trust with our customers, and it’s our job to protect that trust at all times.
  • Customer Success: Customers drive everything we do… because at the end of the day, their success is our success.
  • Innovation: Our spirit of innovation binds us together and enables us to achieve extraordinary things.
  • Teamwork: Win as a team. Lead by example and work with honesty and integrity.
  • Equality: Respect and value a diversity of people.

All-Star nominees and winners are invited to a happy hour celebration to meet and collaborate with their fellow peers. Winners of the award are then invited to an exclusive dinner celebration with our executive team, which includes our co-founder Parker Harris. It’s quite a memorable evening as we strive to provide a red carpet experience.

Here’s what some of our winners had to say about their award:

“There are people doing incredible things every single day at Salesforce, and to be included with the individuals who have also received the award is a great honor”.

“There is significant pride that comes from being an All-Star recipient, but at the same time an expectation to keep learning and improving while also striving to make an even bigger impact in the future”.

“I feel pretty proud of it as it was the people I work with that apparently thought I’m worth it. That is pretty cool to know: It doesn’t come from above, it comes from peers and from anyone in T&P that you somehow did something for or worked with in such a way that they remembered and thought you should be recognized. That is awesome.”

2017 will mark our 6th annual T&P All-Stars Award celebration and the program continues to change and grow every year. Being involved in the behind the scenes aspect of this award has truly been an honor. I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with such gifted and brilliant minded individuals.

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