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Celebrating 3 years of Salesforce Bug Bounty

Vinayendra Nataraja
Jul 11 - 3 min read

At Salesforce, trust is our #1 value, and we take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously. Salesforce’s Bug Bounty program is one of the many efforts that contributes to the security of our products, and therefore, our customers. Bug bounty programs work by providing a monetary reward, or “bounty,” to security researchers who responsibly disclose security issues on our platform. This also helps us engage with the broader infosec community on an ongoing basis.

We just concluded the third year of Salesforce’s Bug Bounty program. In these three years, we have received a lot of interesting bugs and worked with hundreds of researchers around the world. The program has been successful because of the continued contributions from diverse, talented researchers, security engineers who triage and guide teams to remediate, and our engineering team that is always enthusiastic to learn from these bugs.

Below is a snapshot of the number of bugs that were reported in the last few years through the Bug Bounty program. Over three years:

  • We have received more than 3,200 valid submissions from 1,200+ researchers
  • Almost 70% of submissions are valid (includes duplicates)
  • Our average bounty: $850
  • Our highest bounty till date is $15,000
  • 51% of 2017 security bugs were reported through Bug Bounty
  • Over 90% of externally reported security issues were through Bug Bounty in 2017

New reports per month:

Graph from HackerOne showing our incoming reports, by month

One of our core objectives is to keep our researchers happy and encourage responsible disclosure. We award bounties based on severity and complexity of the bug, and are always open to a discussion with the researchers about this. We have also improved our response time for a bug from more than 24 hours to less than five hours by having a dedicated triage team.

Response time per month has changed over the last few years significantly:

Graph from HackerOne showing our response time, by month

We help researchers by providing guidance around why a certain report was triaged at a certain severity and help them understand the products in more depth. Occasionally we offer bonus and bounty multipliers for either certain products or classes of bugs which has always spiked the number of reports on the program.

Recently we launched the VIP program, in which top researchers participate to test newer features and products which then mature and get included to our ongoing bug bounty program. This has spiked the number of reports we receive.

We thank our researchers and are excited about the continued success of our Bug Bounty program. If you find a security vulnerability, please send the details of the bug in an email to security at; if you want to join the team at Salesforce, find open security positions here.

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