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Behind the Scenes


Aditya Kamath

Software Engineer, all things networking, systems, databases and infrastructure
Aditya Shetty

Aditya Shetty

Senior@Berkeley EECS, Talk to me about data!

Ajay Borra

Senior Software Engineer

Alberto Garcia Illera

Vulnerability Research Team Lead

Alex Dimitropoulos

Lead Tech Writer at Salesforce, publishing content (mostly internally) to explain how we run, grow, and continually improve our infrastructure.

Alex Vernacchia

Software Engineer @salesforce (advertising studio) . Sitting still doesn't suit me. My thoughts are my own. @vernacchia
Alexey Syomichev

Alexey Syomichev

Principal Architect at Salesforce, building industrial-grade integration capabilities of the Salesforce Platform.

Alyssa Arvin

Senior Program Manager, Open Source
I believe that all experiences should be unique and fun. My focus in this area has largely been around marketing strategy, event production, and process management. I have been acting manager twice leading the team’s overarching marketing strategy, executive partnerships, and people management.

Andrew Purtell

Architect, Cloud Storage @ Salesforce, Committer @ Apache HBase, Phoenix, and Bigtop, systems architect, data wrangler. Ex Intel PE. Opinions are mine ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Andrew Torson

Seasoned software engineer and machine learning researcher with solid practical experience developing complex distributed real-time systems leveraging AI